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Mount Fujiyama suicide favorite locations in Japan

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Mount Fujiyama, one of the symbols of the Japanese people and includes one of the mountain is considered sacred in the world, turned out to be a favorite location of its forest area by committing suicide. Each year can be found about 100 bodies of the perpetrators of suicide. A thing that is sometimes beyond the sense of human thought.

Azusa Hayano, a researcher who has 30 years 'struggle' with the forest at the foot of the mountain is found many relics of committing suicide. Though Hayano itself has not been able to deduce the reason of this forest was chosen as a location of suicide, it seems that environmental conditions in this place with a thick jungle is the answer to the depressant.

Hayano also encounter strange behavior and habits of the people committing suicide in the forest. In a documentary made Hayano and geological team looks of a car abandoned on the edge of the forest. There is a map sheet in the front seat of the car.

"I suspect the car owners go away and never come out," he said and continued, "I think people are going to the woods with a troubled mind."

Government and related organizations have already made some posts actually contain suggestions to think again before it - really commit suicide.

When the Samurai era, indeed committed suicide by ritual 'suicide' is a tradition. But they do because of pride and honor. Meanwhile, today's suicide seems to be because they feel alienated and discouraged prolonged

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