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the beauty of the grand canyon from Indonesia

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Green Canyon interesting information, for those of you who like adventure activities in the rapids. Green Canyon attractions worth visiting, this resort is almost certainly in gilai by the currents of wild enthusiasts, canoeing, trekking and tours are challenging adrenalin. If you like these activities, please visit the Green Canyon is located in the Village Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Kudat District, West Java, Indonesia this.It looks like the Green Canyon America, it has been said by the locals. That is why the origin of this place called the Green Canyon.
The following tips before you go there.1. Green Canyon should be visited during the dry season. In rainy season usually Cijulang River water in Green Canyon is a murky brown color. But when the dry season, water colors of green and calm. Very beautiful are the object to be photographed.2. If you want to try to navigate the rapids of the river downstream from the height of the cliff and jumped in the Green Canyon, prepare your staff. Do not forget to wear a bathing suit. Body rafting cost approximately $ 3 - $4. Of course if you are quite timid. You need to prepare for a change of clothes after the body rafting.3. For lodging, are advised to seek accommodation in Pangandaran Beach. Because in addition to more choices, prices are more variable than is provided in the Green Canyon. As much as possible find their own accommodation directly with the owner came to the hotel or inn. You can only use the services of a motorcycle or a pedicab driver to find accommodation, but the price is more expensive.4. Bring a waterproof camera for a trip on the Green Canyon is related to the water. If not, you try to be - careful with your belongings such as cameras and mobile phones, not to fall.5. Do not forget to bring food and drink because there's only food accommodations in the main entrance. And use comfortable shoes for slippery rocks in the Green Canyon.

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