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beauty of the world's top

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Top of the world, for the adventurous mountain climber would have been too familiar, in the liver and in the eyes. Beautiful can not describe with words in length or shorter, but just be in a sense. Top of the world is the high peak on earth, the mountains. For those who have never felt the top of the grandiose and the beauty of the world, try to take some time, surely, no regret because of fatigue, will be changed like love even after enjoying the beautiful peaks of the world!

Top of the mountain is the ultimate goal of activists and facer wild jungle, especially the mountaineers. After a tired body down a cliff on the mountain, reaching the top of the atmosphere can not imagine. Tired bodies arrive - disappear, change the feeling of pleasure and satisfied heart. This is what I was looking for! As soon as we cried. And for those who have never and would like to try, get containerized goods supplies, climbing mountains all around you, feel the charm of the high ground on earth. And a straightforward and simple message, try to look at the height of the mountain for us grounded.

Enjoy the beautiful and majestic nature, mix with our favorite, such as a hobby for her Photography, Aim your camera at the beauty of nature. Because that's all we can take, an image, not the belongings of nature. And also when at the top, try to enjoy the sunrise (sunrise), the atmosphere we can not see beyond the natural height of the mountain. In essence, there was no word of regret penetrated the mountain
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Rock Climbing is a fun and challenging activities

Rock Climbing is a fun and challenging activities. Although the dangers of climbing is great, but with the equipment complete and available, would all the obstacles that we can minimize properly.

Of course many styles and variations in rock climbing, which is basically the beginning of the ascent of the mountain, and there the natural cliff climbing. And that is to rock climbing there are mountain climbers because tertantang the banks of the mountain. So, rock climbing or rock climbing is climbing on a steep rock cliff.

United States is a leader in sport rock climbing all year 60 and 70, with the number of dedicated work to improve the technical climber climbing. Rock climbing has been described as a new sport. Compared to traditional rock climbing, this sport now make use of the most advanced rock climbing equipment.

With increasing interest in athletics, the climber chose to do the difficult route and movement difficult. In 1980 - an, is the tendency to make a quick but hard climbing to the rock. Expansion to climb as athletics produce new discoveries safety gear to ensure the safety of the climber.

With the indoor walls, rock climbing techniques can now be done without venturing outside the area of ​​interest. History tells us that at first rock climbing is a sport that originated from a mountain. A lot of development going on for years - years to become its own sport, and continues to gain popularity until now.
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the beauty of the grand canyon from Indonesia

Green Canyon interesting information, for those of you who like adventure activities in the rapids. Green Canyon attractions worth visiting, this resort is almost certainly in gilai by the currents of wild enthusiasts, canoeing, trekking and tours are challenging adrenalin. If you like these activities, please visit the Green Canyon is located in the Village Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Kudat District, West Java, Indonesia this.It looks like the Green Canyon America, it has been said by the locals. That is why the origin of this place called the Green Canyon.
The following tips before you go there.1. Green Canyon should be visited during the dry season. In rainy season usually Cijulang River water in Green Canyon is a murky brown color. But when the dry season, water colors of green and calm. Very beautiful are the object to be photographed.2. If you want to try to navigate the rapids of the river downstream from the height of the cliff and jumped in the Green Canyon, prepare your staff. Do not forget to wear a bathing suit. Body rafting cost approximately $ 3 - $4. Of course if you are quite timid. You need to prepare for a change of clothes after the body rafting.3. For lodging, are advised to seek accommodation in Pangandaran Beach. Because in addition to more choices, prices are more variable than is provided in the Green Canyon. As much as possible find their own accommodation directly with the owner came to the hotel or inn. You can only use the services of a motorcycle or a pedicab driver to find accommodation, but the price is more expensive.4. Bring a waterproof camera for a trip on the Green Canyon is related to the water. If not, you try to be - careful with your belongings such as cameras and mobile phones, not to fall.5. Do not forget to bring food and drink because there's only food accommodations in the main entrance. And use comfortable shoes for slippery rocks in the Green Canyon.
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Mount Fujiyama suicide favorite locations in Japan

Mount Fujiyama, one of the symbols of the Japanese people and includes one of the mountain is considered sacred in the world, turned out to be a favorite location of its forest area by committing suicide. Each year can be found about 100 bodies of the perpetrators of suicide. A thing that is sometimes beyond the sense of human thought.

Azusa Hayano, a researcher who has 30 years 'struggle' with the forest at the foot of the mountain is found many relics of committing suicide. Though Hayano itself has not been able to deduce the reason of this forest was chosen as a location of suicide, it seems that environmental conditions in this place with a thick jungle is the answer to the depressant.

Hayano also encounter strange behavior and habits of the people committing suicide in the forest. In a documentary made Hayano and geological team looks of a car abandoned on the edge of the forest. There is a map sheet in the front seat of the car.

"I suspect the car owners go away and never come out," he said and continued, "I think people are going to the woods with a troubled mind."

Government and related organizations have already made some posts actually contain suggestions to think again before it - really commit suicide.

When the Samurai era, indeed committed suicide by ritual 'suicide' is a tradition. But they do because of pride and honor. Meanwhile, today's suicide seems to be because they feel alienated and discouraged prolonged
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important tips in exploring the mountains and forests

The journey to explore the mountains and forests is a fun activity. In addition to pamper the eyes and hearts with incredible views of the universe is God's work, also to increase your knowledge of the importance of keeping the nature of extinction. But there are things - things that we need to consider when exploring the mountains and forests. And here are some tips - tips for you.

FOLLOW LANE EXISTING Tracing the mountains and forests are not just any feet. You have to walk the right way in order not to stray. As you explore the mountains and forests that are frequently visited before, would have no obvious way that you can follow. Do not immediately make a new road by felling trees and shrubs - shrubs.
Follow the path that has been available. Path path, though not too obvious but still noticeable. Injaklah vacant land which is overgrown with plants. Do not get your shoe made of some plants to end his life. You may open a new path if no new original track.
DO NOT EASY BOARD BREAKING CUT TREE  Time to explore, there is time to make the sign so as not to forget the way home. Break a tree branch or agency cut is some way to mark your path. Intention to destroy nature, you can bring the ribbon to be tied to a tree or limb.
Ribbon or string could be an alternative signaling pathway that is you have to go. Rather - rather injure the tree, you can wrap a ribbon or string on the tree. Choose brightly colored, to be easily visible.
PROVIDE TRASH BAG Not worth it in the trash does not know the trash. Provide a trash bag to accommodate you during the trip or the Trash Bag. Do not let a piece of forest ground litter. If you find trash along the way, it helps take waste transport, and to enter into a garbage bag. That way, you help preserve nature.
DO NOT CREATE noise Exploring the mountains and forests are usually in groups. But that does not mean because you walk in groups can make noise. Chatting is okay, but not too noisy. Noise in the forest could unsettle not only animals, but can also harm you. Noise you can attract the attention of wild animals, like tigers.
AVOID CONTACT WITH ANIMALS Orangutan or other monkey species may indeed be funny. But that does not mean you can be any direct contact with them. Try not to make body contact because it could interfere with their lives. Human scent is not the same as the smell of animals and the smell when you stick in them, could - could they be shunned colony.
Apart from disturbing them, to touch wild animals can also harm you. Animals are not familiar with humans. If you touch, can be thought to endanger them. Instinct to defend themselves they can get you attacked...
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Become Adventurers is Fate

Become Adventurers is Fate, and not an option. That's the promise of a new-created, to nature. Then the baby will be a nature-loving adventurers keep their destiny. Not just climb mountains, wade through the rapids, climbing the high cliffs and down the dark cave. But it would be an adventurer like God the owner of Nature, to be Nature Lovers.
Look around us, many are proud of the status of adventurers and nature lovers. What is its contribution to nature? Among the 10 nature lovers, only 2 were a true nature-loving adventurers. Small is not it? Yet this love of nature to man so large. By growing trees and lush green, the rain and make the dew, fresh air through the leaves - tree leaves, grow in the high mountains towering into the sky, and so forth.
Let us fulfill our destiny if you confess adventurer or a nature lover. Our job is just to love nature, not only fond of walking up the mountain and so on. Lifestyle with easy to climb that mountain, mountain climbing was easy, but being a true adventurer and climber it is not easy.
If only to be adventurous mountaineer, until old age can still be done. Rose and then fell back. And that many of us met in the open. language, just wanted to show their existence: I Climber Mountain! And that nothing is wrong. Adventure World is a world belonging to all ages, there is no limit.
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Adventure in the wild is an option

Adventure in the wild is an option, such as another hobby. adventure choice in the wild, then get involved in it is a highly personal subjectivity. Of course we can not force people to like or dislike adventure activities. Easy as that's the problem?

By many people, the correlation between the real benefits with the risks of this activity is often considered to be directly proportional. One's choice to go venturing into the wild such as cliffs, mountains, underground caves, rivers, sometimes even gets opposition "death sentence" of people - those around him.
"A lot of climbers who became the author of a misunderstanding due to the ascent of the mountain people."
Sentence Jonathan Waterman, a writer, photographer and mountaineer from the U.S. on top, may be evidence of just how swift current public misunderstanding of adventure activities. Keaslahpahaman that the perpetrators of this activity is sometimes as hard to deal with obstacles - obstacles in the wild.
Of several lengthy discussions that occurred in this case, we can draw the conclusion, that really is not a factor the potential dangers of the most "disturbing" for the common people, but rather the absence of "direct benefits" that can be obtained from each of these activities. Adventure is not considered an industry Like the sport of football in fact can generate a lot of money. Instead, the perpetrators would have to spend a fortune to make its activities.
In addition, the factor "long-term investment" is also another reason for the emergence of a counter version of the opinion. Unlike a computer or English courses that have a good channel to the mouth of the profession in the office, the adventure is considered as a "course" a waste - waste of money and precious time alone. Thus, such investments do not qualify for the criteria in the feasibility study business. After crawling and climbing going? After wading through rapids in the river, then would be what?
Two reasons were quite effective in killing the person who got interested interest or even have entered the world of adventure. And if both are reunited by a factor of potential dangers, of all that are able to make the parents do not want to issue a permit - much less money - for children - their kids to go into the wild. Massive resistance from ordinary people became like an electrical switch, the lights automatically turn on when pressed. But it true that the assumption - the assumption that?
In the country - other countries, lots of outdoor activities proved to be effectively adopted in the institutions - the institutions of formal education. Belief that there are certain things that can not be answered simply by diktat - a thick textbook in the library, has given birth to the idea of ​​pattern-based educational experience (learning by doing / learning by experience) as a complement that can bridge the gap between theory and reality. Clear example for this can be seen on what is popular end - this end as Out Bound (Outward Bound) Training.
At least, that formal education is not one - the only answer to the needs of someone in the "preparation for life", has been echoed by some educators. The realization that school formal limited ability to shape the personality has become a serious study of some experts - educational experts.
No wonder if in the country - developed outdoor activities become one of the options for it since a few decades ago. Name - a name such as John Dewey, Kurt Hahn, Lord Baden Powell, Colin Mortlock Willi Unsoeld or be a precursor to a different generation. Some of the literature they left a lot to become the reference for the development of educational models such as this pattern. One can be seen in "The Adventure Alternative".

The book was published in 1984 by Colin Mortlock in an attempt to bridge the gap between the literature of mountaineering / adventure with the pure literature of outdoor education (outdoor education). Mortlock himself was a mountain climber and kayaker.
Although not as famous as Chris Bonnington, Doug Scott or Peter Boardman, but Mortlock could transfer the spirit and deep faith in the ability of humans to learn and manage the challenges to the extreme limit, even to the novice student. In this case, Mortlock may represent a philosophical adventure education in the UK which can be equated with Willi Unsoeld - the first to climb the route via hard (West Ridge) in the Everest and Mr. Experience-Based Education in the U.S..
Mortlock said a philosophy of adventure education that thrives in the human energy and the possibility of release or realized only when engaged with a true adventure. Mortlock suggested to expose people to the experience of a real risk in the limit the ability of that person, whatever the form of outdoor adventure, both in altitude, land, water, or underground.
In the opening pages of "The Adventure Alternative", Mortlock tells the story of a couple of groups of teenagers had ditrainingnya and can quickly prepare them to be able to perform independently and experience a high level of adventure expeditions.
Mortlock themes here follow the example of the tradition of Kurt Hahn (German educator) which states that humans actually have more ability than is generally realized. However, due to the value - the value of post - industrial and lifestyle in modern Western societies, there is a shadow of the physical risks and hazards, resulting in fewer opportunities for people to discover their innate abilities.
Mortlock added an important qualification on the contrary a promising picture of the value - the value of adventure. Coverage of the core philosophy of the observations for many - years is that the so-called adventure for one person is a waste of work - waste of time for others or harmful to others - what is the meat for one person is poison for others.
Colin Mortlock
So, Mortlock stressed that the subjective nature of the adventure experience is paramount and this subjective experience comes from a combination of objective physical tasks (including environmental conditions) and the ability of people and resources at the time.
In this sense, philosophy Mortlock closely related to the theory of "experience" John Dewey, who saw the experience as something that came along - the same of all the accumulated experience of the past and how the interaction with the surrounding circumstances, for example, activities, teacher, environmental, and other groups - other.
Center "Philosophy of Adventure" Mortlock presents the existence of four basic "level of adventure", which is composed of:
Stage 1: Play: Marked with little emotion through a relatively easy participation in activities that are under one's skill level
Stage 2: Adventure: Marked with pleasure and excitement, in which a person uses his ability with a more complete, but maintains control over the situation and his
Stage 3: Adventure Frontier: Characterized by a peak experience that comes from people who experienced the challenges of adventure that is very close to the boundary itself. If the person is successful, then generally it will have a peak experience. But on the other hand there is a very real risk that could lead to failure or fatal condition that leads to Stage 4.
Stage 4: Misadventure: Marked by a person chooses or is forced to participate in a challenge beyond their means, so it can be pushed into negative emotions (fear, hurt, etc.), possible injury and even eventual death.
Colin Mortlock was a successful innovator in education. After becoming a teacher at the Royal Wolverhampton School and Manchester Grammar School, in 1965, he was a career in the "Warden of The Woodlands Outdoor Centre" in South Wales. Central school children - children of the city of Oxford, immediately recognized as one of the leading adventure education centers in the UK.
In 1971, he was appointed as a director on "The Centre for Outdoor Education", Charlotte Mason College, Ambleside, The Lake District. Over the next twenty years, it became famous educational center for both degree programs, as well as for the one-year course "International Adventure" for teachers - experienced teachers.
Colin Mortlock could so vividly describe many real benefits of adventure activities - a thing which had not occurred to the general public. Another book, "Beyond Adventure" (2001) also extraordinary acclaim.
While "The Spirit of Adventure" (2009) has completed a trilogy that brings the message to be beresonasi with students, teachers, observers and activists adventure or business leaders who care and want to make a difference to this world in which we stand. He really - really has an international reputation as a speaker and writer for the important things of value - the value, potential and contribution to the world of adventure activities are materialistic.
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tips and tricks to traveling without a capital

Travelling and adventure without a penny of capital may be one good thing that you or we all dreamed of. Could it happen? The answer is: Yes! And hopefully the following article for the traveling fans inspire you to visit several countries in general. Because of all this money is often a major constraint to make the trip traveling.
Traveled to visit many countries without a penny of capital, that's what Michael Wigge, a traveler from Germany. He traveled about 40,000 miles and can go up to eleven countries. For people generally, to travel to many countries, the first thought would have been charged. If there is not enough money in the bag, usually a desire not to be done. But that's not Wigge. No problem for him to start the journey although there is no money in the bag. So, how Michael Wigge meet his travel expenses? Wigge capital to tour the various countries is not money, but the creativity and the ability to think outside the box to continue to survive. Wigge tickets to raise money for the needs of transportation, meals, drinks and things - anything else just at the time of travel. On the way, many challenges and obstacles he faced related to the cost, but it actually encourages his mind for more creative. And came the idea - a previously unthinkable idea to raise the funds needed. What are the business - Wigge effort to get money for his journey? He did many things, ranging from being a 'couch man', a porter, to work at the embassy. Everything is not easy, but the satisfaction gained from his long journey was invaluable. Being 'human sofa' referred to above is true - really plays into the seat. Wigge had several times offered him a couch that can be occupied by other tourists, so they can rest on the way. From here, he could get to eat and drink. Wigge has visited the site of Machu Picchu in the Andes mountains. To make the climb. Up to the site, Wigge takes some money. And he did was a porter for the other tourists with the same purpose. He carries the burden of the tourists were from the bottom to a height of 4267 meters. Interesting thing happened when Wigge was in San Francisco and wanted to continue the trip to Central America. He needed the money for airline tickets. Wigge and then bring a pillow to the airport and take action pillow fight. People - passers-by and see the action and then give rewards. Finally, Wigge can fly to Central America. Working at the embassy for a while also acted Wigge to earn money. This he did when he was in Panama. He offered to be a servant in the German embassy in Panama. And was accepted. During the embassy, ​​job welcoming guests - living large, serve wine and clean the pool. Through his struggle, he managed to explore Germany, Belgium, Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Wigge, shared her experience with writing a book and through a series of TV shows. Both the same title, How to Travel the World for Free
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