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important tips in exploring the mountains and forests

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The journey to explore the mountains and forests is a fun activity. In addition to pamper the eyes and hearts with incredible views of the universe is God's work, also to increase your knowledge of the importance of keeping the nature of extinction. But there are things - things that we need to consider when exploring the mountains and forests. And here are some tips - tips for you.

FOLLOW LANE EXISTING Tracing the mountains and forests are not just any feet. You have to walk the right way in order not to stray. As you explore the mountains and forests that are frequently visited before, would have no obvious way that you can follow. Do not immediately make a new road by felling trees and shrubs - shrubs.
Follow the path that has been available. Path path, though not too obvious but still noticeable. Injaklah vacant land which is overgrown with plants. Do not get your shoe made of some plants to end his life. You may open a new path if no new original track.
DO NOT EASY BOARD BREAKING CUT TREE  Time to explore, there is time to make the sign so as not to forget the way home. Break a tree branch or agency cut is some way to mark your path. Intention to destroy nature, you can bring the ribbon to be tied to a tree or limb.
Ribbon or string could be an alternative signaling pathway that is you have to go. Rather - rather injure the tree, you can wrap a ribbon or string on the tree. Choose brightly colored, to be easily visible.
PROVIDE TRASH BAG Not worth it in the trash does not know the trash. Provide a trash bag to accommodate you during the trip or the Trash Bag. Do not let a piece of forest ground litter. If you find trash along the way, it helps take waste transport, and to enter into a garbage bag. That way, you help preserve nature.
DO NOT CREATE noise Exploring the mountains and forests are usually in groups. But that does not mean because you walk in groups can make noise. Chatting is okay, but not too noisy. Noise in the forest could unsettle not only animals, but can also harm you. Noise you can attract the attention of wild animals, like tigers.
AVOID CONTACT WITH ANIMALS Orangutan or other monkey species may indeed be funny. But that does not mean you can be any direct contact with them. Try not to make body contact because it could interfere with their lives. Human scent is not the same as the smell of animals and the smell when you stick in them, could - could they be shunned colony.
Apart from disturbing them, to touch wild animals can also harm you. Animals are not familiar with humans. If you touch, can be thought to endanger them. Instinct to defend themselves they can get you attacked...

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