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Become Adventurers is Fate

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Become Adventurers is Fate, and not an option. That's the promise of a new-created, to nature. Then the baby will be a nature-loving adventurers keep their destiny. Not just climb mountains, wade through the rapids, climbing the high cliffs and down the dark cave. But it would be an adventurer like God the owner of Nature, to be Nature Lovers.
Look around us, many are proud of the status of adventurers and nature lovers. What is its contribution to nature? Among the 10 nature lovers, only 2 were a true nature-loving adventurers. Small is not it? Yet this love of nature to man so large. By growing trees and lush green, the rain and make the dew, fresh air through the leaves - tree leaves, grow in the high mountains towering into the sky, and so forth.
Let us fulfill our destiny if you confess adventurer or a nature lover. Our job is just to love nature, not only fond of walking up the mountain and so on. Lifestyle with easy to climb that mountain, mountain climbing was easy, but being a true adventurer and climber it is not easy.
If only to be adventurous mountaineer, until old age can still be done. Rose and then fell back. And that many of us met in the open. language, just wanted to show their existence: I Climber Mountain! And that nothing is wrong. Adventure World is a world belonging to all ages, there is no limit.

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