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tips and tricks to traveling without a capital

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Travelling and adventure without a penny of capital may be one good thing that you or we all dreamed of. Could it happen? The answer is: Yes! And hopefully the following article for the traveling fans inspire you to visit several countries in general. Because of all this money is often a major constraint to make the trip traveling.
Traveled to visit many countries without a penny of capital, that's what Michael Wigge, a traveler from Germany. He traveled about 40,000 miles and can go up to eleven countries. For people generally, to travel to many countries, the first thought would have been charged. If there is not enough money in the bag, usually a desire not to be done. But that's not Wigge. No problem for him to start the journey although there is no money in the bag. So, how Michael Wigge meet his travel expenses? Wigge capital to tour the various countries is not money, but the creativity and the ability to think outside the box to continue to survive. Wigge tickets to raise money for the needs of transportation, meals, drinks and things - anything else just at the time of travel. On the way, many challenges and obstacles he faced related to the cost, but it actually encourages his mind for more creative. And came the idea - a previously unthinkable idea to raise the funds needed. What are the business - Wigge effort to get money for his journey? He did many things, ranging from being a 'couch man', a porter, to work at the embassy. Everything is not easy, but the satisfaction gained from his long journey was invaluable. Being 'human sofa' referred to above is true - really plays into the seat. Wigge had several times offered him a couch that can be occupied by other tourists, so they can rest on the way. From here, he could get to eat and drink. Wigge has visited the site of Machu Picchu in the Andes mountains. To make the climb. Up to the site, Wigge takes some money. And he did was a porter for the other tourists with the same purpose. He carries the burden of the tourists were from the bottom to a height of 4267 meters. Interesting thing happened when Wigge was in San Francisco and wanted to continue the trip to Central America. He needed the money for airline tickets. Wigge and then bring a pillow to the airport and take action pillow fight. People - passers-by and see the action and then give rewards. Finally, Wigge can fly to Central America. Working at the embassy for a while also acted Wigge to earn money. This he did when he was in Panama. He offered to be a servant in the German embassy in Panama. And was accepted. During the embassy, ​​job welcoming guests - living large, serve wine and clean the pool. Through his struggle, he managed to explore Germany, Belgium, Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Wigge, shared her experience with writing a book and through a series of TV shows. Both the same title, How to Travel the World for Free

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